Bitwala releases new bitcoin virtual assistant

Announcements | October 21, 2016 By:

Bitwala has released Lolabot, a crypto education tool based on artificial intelligence.

The official release stated that the name is inspired by Bitwala’s own French bulldog that is responsible for overseeing people’s work. LolaBot not only enables visitors to ask general questions like the price of bitcoin, who invented bitcoin and so on, but also allows those visitors interested in getting to know Bitwala to ask questions about the company, the founders, among others.

“LolaBot gets smarter and smarter the more questions you ask,” said Bitwala CEO Jörg von Minckwitz. “We hope that in the future Lola can answer every question about bitcoin that you can possibly come up with.” He also added, “One of our main goals, since we entered the Bitcoin community in 2011, is education on Bitcoin. We wanted to make learning about bitcoin more intuitive and what is more intuitive than simply asking?”

Apart from answering and educating visitors, LolaBot is also designed to answer product-specific questions. The company said that like every newly launched virtual assistant, LolaBot still needs a lot of training in answering questions to customers and visitors.

Bitwala is a bill payment service that facilitates paying bills with bitcoin.