Blockchain Advisory Firm Satis Group Partners With Liquidity Solutions Provider SharesPost

News | June 14, 2018 By:

Liquidity solutions provider SharesPost has teamed with blockchain advisory firm Satis Group to provide security token issuers with streamlined access to secondary trading.

Founded in 2009, SharesPost offers an online platform that links investors with late-stage venture-backed companies and shareholders. The company focuses on managing secondary liquidity and raising primary capital. Additionally, it offers data feed and third-party research services.

The Satis Group is a full-service initial coin offering (ICO) advisory firm on a mission to serve founders and emerging growth companies looking to launch new protocols, utility tokens, and security tokens. The group is affiliated with Corinthian Partners LLC, an asset management investment bank and broker dealer. As a registered broker dealer, Satis is one of the few groups who can compliantly operate in the burgeoning security token offering (STO) space in the US. The company has advised on the sale of more than $100 million worth of tokens, including security tokens BCAP, Science Blockchain, and Protos.

The partnership will result in a referral relationship between the two firms, whereby Satis will refer security token issuer clients to SharesPost for ICOs and secondary trading on its Alternative Trading Platform (ATS), and SharesPost will refer its issuer clients to Satis for end-to-end advisory services.

Greg Brogger, Founder and CEO of SharesPost, said that the partnership will allow Satis to augment its full-suite of advisory services with SharesPost’s ICO and secondary trading marketplace.

“Issuers will get the benefit of both Satis’ expertise with deal structuring, token economics, and investor outreach and online distribution to SharesPost’s 50,000 accredited investors,” Brogger said. “We believe that this combination of expert advisory services and compliant transactional platform is exactly what security token issuers have been looking for.”

Emma Channing, Co-Founder and General Counsel of Satis Group, said they think that there is an extraordinary future for security tokens but key to that are compliant issuance and secondary trading platforms.

“SharesPost is a trusted name with private growth companies and entrepreneurs and has integrated appropriate regulatory compliance into its platform,” Channing said. “We couldn’t be more delighted to partner with this highly-reputed platform.”

In addition, SharesPost also announced that it is planning to launch its security token marketplace this year. The platform will leveragie its ATS platform to provide issuers with a primary issuance platform and an accessible secondary trading venue. Satis will use the platform to provide its full-suite of advisory services to issuers who plan to issue and trade on the SharesPost security ATS.