Blockchain/AI Trade Association DAIA Formed To Link Research and Projects

Announcements, Blockchain, News | May 22, 2018 By:

A new trade organization that claims to operate at the intersection of blockchain and artificial intelligence has formed.

SingularityNET and AI Decentralized have jointly announced DAIA — the Decentralized AI Alliance — an open industry alliance aimed at fostering the development of decentralized AI technologies. SingularityNET is a decentralized platform and marketplace for AIs, lead by Dr. Ben Goertzel; AI Decentralized is the Association for Computing Machinery’s Global Initiative to connect AI practitioners with blockchain practitioners.

Goertzel and Toufi Saliba, founder of AI Decentralized, announced the formation of DAIA today at the AI Decentralized event at Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York. The alliance has been in the works in the AI-meets-blockchain community for some time. An early organizational event was held at Hong Kong Science Park after the Token2049 conference in March 2018, attended by leaders and founders from numerous projects 

DAIA hopes to become an industry organization for the emerging sector of companies, foundations and labs combining AI and blockchain. The alliance will provide a medium for member organizations to coordinate regarding standards, protocols, interfaces and other technical matters, along with organizing community events, providing networking opportunities, and giving legal and management guidance.

Analogous in some respects to what the Apache Foundation does for Internet technologies, DAIA will also foster shared projects focusing on decentralized AI technology needs common to multiple member organizations. Initial shared projects being considered include machine learning-based cybersecurity solutions, AI-driven reputation management, collaborative filtering tools specialized for decentralized networks, and logical inference engines for validating the properties of smart contracts (the computer programs used to mediate financial and legal interactions between different agents in decentralized software networks).

“To me, DAIA is more than just another industry organization,” Goertzel said. “It’s a movement — a movement by a network of adventurous technologists and entrepreneurs around the globe, aimed at wresting control of the world’s AI and the data and computing power that feeds it from the handful of big tech companies and big governments that are currently threatening dominance.” 

He continued: “Today we face an AI oligopoly, where data and frameworks are largely owned by a handful of corporations.  With DAIA, we aim to leverage blockchain and related technologies to create a democratically-governed AI community that will benefit the broader society, rather than a few powerful companies. We believe this can only be done by decentralizing AI technologies, making it possible for any knowledgeable developer to create impactful AI.” 

 DAIA will also foster the creation of funds supporting projects operating at the intersection of AI and blockchain.  DAIA will provide affiliated funds with guidance on sourcing high quality investment targets, and vetting the technological and business aspects of potential investment targets.   The initial DAIA plan involves an affiliated fund that will support 100 projects over the next two years, with funding allowances of $2 million for each of the first 50 projects.