Blockchain Bank Platform BABB Adds Gaurav Rana As CTO

Job Appointments | October 31, 2018 By:

Blockchain bank BABB has appointed Gaurav Rana as its new chief technology officer (CTO). With its first mobile app launching to beta testers this fall, Rana will be taking over development of the BABB app and blockchain platform.

Rana has deep knowledge of the blockchain space and experience and understanding of the company’s financial inclusion mission. Rana is a blockchain industry veteran, having immersed himself in the technology in 2010 after reading Satoshi’s seminal whitepaper. He has contributed to dozens of foundational projects, including bitcoin, ethereum and Zcash, and was a contributor to Mastering Bitcoin, Andreas Antonopoulos’ groundbreaking book.

His transition from genetics to blockchains saw him take the role of CTO within the founding team of Everleder before moving to Atlas to oversee the provision of financial services to 15,000 customers in Ghana and Senegal.

During this time he also created the Access Network, a democratic cryptocurrency network designed to promote financial inclusion.

“Having originated from a country in which online payments are impossible due to government restrictions, I was struck by the potential held by blockchain technologies to address the deep seated global issue of financial inclusion,” Rana said. “Even though it’s been close to a decade since the inception of blockchain technology, one of the initial promises of providing financial services to the underbanked and unbanked has largely been unfulfilled. I believe BABB has the right team to make a concrete change on a global scale and I am excited to have joined the team.”

BABB founder and CEO, Rushd Averroes said Rana joins “at a pivotal time, as we prepare to launch our product. His expertise in building blockchains will complement the diverse skill set of our development team. Most importantly, he shares our belief that the rigorous application of new technology can help transform banking into a fair, inclusive and decentralised system driven by individuals.”

Rana takes over from Jorge Pereira, who will continue to work with BABB as a technological advisor.