Blockchain-Credentialing Provider Learning Machine Acquired By Hyland

Blockchain, Education, News | February 11, 2020 By:

Content services provider Hyland has acquired Learning Machine, an innovator in blockchain-anchored digital credentialing solutions.

Learning Machine is leveraging blockchain technology to authenticate documents and content. The Learning Machine Issuing System allows governments, companies, and educational institutions to issue blockchain records at scale, rooted in any blockchain they choose. One of the most prevalent uses of the Learning Machine technology today is the issuing of digitally secured diplomas and transcripts for and by higher education institutions.

“The use of blockchain technology for digital credentialing has become an increasingly urgent need as governments, educational institutions and organizations seek to combat fraud, mitigate risk and relieve administrative burdens associated with the exchange of content,” said Chris Jagers, CEO of Learning Machine. “This acquisition creates significant value for Learning Machine customers who will gain the full benefit of Hyland’s notable support, partnership and accountability.”

WIth the acquisition, Hyland will accelerate the diversification of Learning Machine solutions across the vertical markets and geographies in which Hyland is already well positioned to help organizations deliver better experiences to the people they serve. It will also continue to support Learning Machine’s current solutions and customers as it integrates the technology into existing platform offerings.

Bill Priemer, president and CEO of Hyland, said that the acquisition is a major step toward their goal of revolutionizing the way organizations electronically exchange trusted records.

“The addition of Learning Machine’s digital credentialing solutions to Hyland’s content services platform will enable our customers to generate and manage digital documents that are both easily shareable and instantly verifiable.”