Blockchain Domain Name Provider Unstoppable Domains Integrates Crypto Wallet

Blockchain, News | June 24, 2021 By:

Blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable Domains has announced native support for crypto wallet provider

Based in San Francisco, Unstoppable Domains is using blockchain technology to build domains. The firm creates its own domain extensions (like .com or .info) and sells domains directly to consumers. The company is backed by Draper Associates and Boost VC and has received grants from the Ethereum Foundation and Zilliqa Foundation.

Founded in 2011, is currently the provider of the world’s most popular bitcoin wallet and the most widely used bitcoin APIs. currently has more than 32 million wallet users in over 200 countries.’s Institutional Markets business is growing exponentially. While the wallet remains the core of the business, the company’s institutional offering is now significant enough to cover the entire operating cost of the business globally, while also delivering additional operating profits.

The partnership will enable wallet users to send funds with a simple, human-readable username instead of full-length wallet addresses. Through this integration, Unstoppable Domains and are making crypto more accessible for all by removing the risk of human error when sending funds, drastically simplifying transactions between users and 50+ other wallets and exchanges supported by Unstoppable Domains.

“By teaming up with, we’re able to seamlessly onboard people from fiat to crypto with usernames that make it easier to transact between family, friends, and exchanges,” said Matthew Gould, Founder and CEO of Unstoppable Domains. “Freedom and digital ownership are at the heart of this integration. Services like Venmo and Cash App are closed ecosystems with geographic restrictions, but .crypto domain names give you the freedom to send funds between a large number of wallets and exchanges from anywhere in the world.”

Traditionally, sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, and other cryptocurrencies requires entering the recipient’s 25-42 digit alphanumeric wallet address. If a person mistypes or miscopies a wallet address, those funds can be lost forever. Unstoppable Domains solves this by introducing human-readable .crypto usernames compatible with 50+ wallets and exchanges, including Now, instead of “156i6HJfMWb1h2BEsKpfvZ2tQugqo4vs2w,” users can simply type “[YourName].crypto” to send money to others or transfer it between accounts.

“Over the years at we’ve worked hard to make crypto easier to use as part of our mission to build a new financial system for the internet. Our Unstoppable Domains integration is an exciting step in this direction,” said Amadeo Pellicce, Product Manager at “Our customers can now send crypto to friends and family using more familiar-looking usernames. This drastically reduces the potential for errors without compromising on user security. Making crypto payments as easy as sending an email helps pave the way for wider adoption of crypto.”