Blockchain Fantasy Sports Site Stryking Sets Luis Figo As Brand Ambassador

Job Appointments | April 19, 2018 By:

Stryking Entertainment GmbH has signed Ballon d’Or winner and former FIFA World Footballer of the Year Luís Figo as its brand ambassador for their platform.

Stryking specializes in sports fan engagement and monetization by combining the real and virtual world to create interaction opportunities for fans, stars and brands. Its flagship is the fantasy sports platform Football-Stars, providing different fantasy leagues and contests for users to choose from. The operators define the content, the winning criteria and the costs for users to participate. With the introduction of the Strykz utility token in spring 2018, Stryking will enable users to contribute and actively participate in the expansion and running of
the platform, turning every fantasy sports fan into a contributor and creator.

Figo will support Stryking with his football business network and actively engage with Football-Stars’ users in in-game challenges and other activities.

Dirk Weyel, Founder and CEO of Stryking, sais that Figo’s endorsement marks a significant milestone in
Football-Stars growth in popularity. “The partnership with Luís Figo is a great achievement and an equally great incentive for us to take the next steps with full energy. We have invested a lot in the development of Football-Stars in recent years and will now introduce our own STRYKZ crypto token to create a decentralized and user-centric fan platform,” says Weyel. “The enormous potential in the fantasy sports segment can be clearly seen in the North American market, where 20% of the population regularly play fantasy sports. With Luís Figo we have gained a competent supporter and an active consultant with whom we want to propel the growth of Football-
Stars worldwide”.