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Blockchain Firm BlocPal Appoints Sushant Trivedi As Chief Marketing Officer

Job Appointments | January 29, 2021 By:

Global FinTech and blockchain technology company BlocPal International has named Sushant Trivedi as the company’s new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

BlocPal provides enterprise partners innovative digital payment processing and financial services to reduce transaction costs, create new revenue streams and build more engaged relationships with their customers. BlocPal is well positioned to succeed with key enterprise agreements signed and being launched today. At the core of BlocPal’s service is its decentralized blockchain transaction technology, which enables any currency or asset to be digitally signed and traded while complying with established financial regulations.

Trivedi brings over a decade of extensive global strategy, brand management, advertising, go-to-market and leadership experience having worked on multi-billion-dollar brands at Procter & Gamble. He spearheaded the identification of white space expansion opportunities, drove revenue generation strategies from existing business units and launched disruptive products to the market. As co-founder of Gillette TREO he gained recognition as TIME Magazine’s 2018 Innovation of the Year. Fast Company called TREO “A Masterpiece of Inclusive Design”.

“We are excited to have Sushant Trivedi on the team. Not only does Sushant bring a strong marketing background but also a business acumen in revenue maximization, growth strategies and global expansion,” said said Nick Mellios, CEO of BlocPal. “He is an entrepreneur at heart and with BlocPal expanding to several key markets around the world, Sushant will play a key role in that expansion.”

Trivedi will help drive BlocPal’s presence and growth as it expands in major markets in the US and around the world while strengthening our existing business strategies.

“I am very excited to be working with the BlocPal team and help provide a strong value proposition for consumers and business partners around the world. BlocPal has an important role to play in today’s digital economy and I’m looking forward to being a part of the next phase of the company’s growth” said Sushant.