Blockchain Firm GammaRey Appoints Mark Carter As CEO

Job Appointments | September 30, 2020 By:

FinTech company GammaRey has appointed Mark Carter as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective immediately.

GammaRey is a global fintech company with a focus on the remittance industry. Through the implementation of blockchain technologies, GammaRey is revolutionizing the speed and fee structure of remittance technologies worldwide. The company is quickly evolving into a full-stack ecosystem for the new world digital economy, including its own commodity-backed digital currency, a digital wallet, and a proprietary platform providing fungibility through securities trading, goods, and services.

Carter is a finance industry veteran with substantial remittance and digital, emerging technology experience. Previously, Carter held the position of Vice President at Product Mobile at Skrill, a global online wallet, payment provider, and money transfer operator. He was part of the sale team who took Skrill through two acquisitions leading to a EUR 1 billion-dollar sale in 2015. Carter also worked with Visa in the development and launch of eCommerce mobile payment solutions internationally.

Before his appointmet as CEO, Carter served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) at GammaRey. As CEO, Carter’s goal is to advance projects internationally and support GammaRey’s robust business strategy.

“I am honored to be named Chief Executive Officer and am excited to continue my journey with this great company,” said Carter. “Given my experience as COO, I am adamant that I can deliver significant value to the company in the role of CEO and guide the team with a clear path to expansion and growth. It has been incredible to watch the company grow to where it is today. I know this group of individuals will continue to support the company as we evolve into a full-stack ecosystem for the new digital economy.”