Blockchain Foundry launches e-commerce platform

Announcements | August 29, 2016 By:

Blockchain Foundry has announced both its establishment and its first project, a blockchain-based e-commerce platform.

“We are excited to announce the formation of Blockchain Foundry and are working hard to complete the Blockmarket platform as expeditiously as possible. In tandem with our product initiatives, we have added additional talent to our team aimed specifically at raising capital to bolster our development resources and accelerate the realization of our vision to be a leading blockchain services company,” said Dan Wasyluk, president and CEO of Blockchain Foundry.

Blockmarket, is a web-based e-commerce platform which will enable online retailers, entrepreneurs and individual sellers to create and access individual marketplaces hosted entirely on the Syscoin network, a company-developed blockchain platform.

Blockchain Foundry is a developer of blockchain solutions for businesses and individual consumers.