Blockchain Law Society Formed In South Korea

Blockchain, News | August 21, 2018 By:

South Korean blockchain experts are forming a new group to speed up legal studies on the decentralized database system.

Called the Blockchain Law Society, the group is set to be officially launched on August 24 in the Seoul Central District Court. It is composed of blockchain experts in various professionals fields, such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers, professors, industry experts, and reporters. The group will focus on various legal aspects related to blockchain technology as well as blockchain-related legislation.

Jung-yeop Lee, the presiding judge of the district court in the city of Daejeon, said that the Blockchain Law Society was formed to foster dialogue within the country’s justice and legislative arms, as well as elsewhere in society.

“Blockchain Law Society was founded not only to study blockchain technology from a legal aspect but to promote interdisciplinary collaborations between diverse areas, such as economics, computer engineering (and) field business,” the society said in its release.

The event on August 24 will be held in 2 parts, the foundation conference as part 1 and the research project launching as part 2. In the project launching event, 12 projects will be revealed, and the participants of the projects will present the reasons for the project proposal and the research goals. The Blockchain Law Society will also demonstrate its online platform during the event.