Blockchain Pilot For Cargo Handling Launched By Swiss Aviation Company Swissport

Announcements, Blockchain | May 30, 2018 By:

Swiss aviation company Swissport has teamed with non-profit organization Olam to launch a blockchain pilot program.

Swissport provides airport ground and cargo handling services and handles around 265 million passengers and 4.7 million tonnes of cargo annually, on behalf of some 850 client-companies in the aviation sector. With a workforce of around 68,000 personnel, Swissport is active at more than 315 locations in 50 countries, and generates consolidated operating revenue of EUR 2.8 billion ($3.3B USD).

Olam is a not-for-profit foundation aimed at solving the wasteful chaos in the modern supply chain by means of a standard, open-source platform. The company claims that the new standard will enable the various logistics parties along the supply chain to connect, communicate and develop their business effortlessly, with improved visibility and greatly improved trust.

Hendrik Leyssens, head of global cargo operations at the ground handler, said that the objective of the partnership is to study the benefits of blockchain for its cargo handling business.

“Thinking beyond traditional messaging, blockchain could eventually become the new standard allowing us to overcome the chronic lack of transparency, which is typical for fragmented supply chains,” Leyssens said. “Blockchain could speed up transactions, enhance transaction security and at the same time unlock cost savings.”

The Swiss aviation company also announced its partnership with blockchain travel platform Winding Tree. The partnership will initially focus on applying blockchain technology to the distribution of classic travel services to independent travelers, such as airport lounge access.

“We expect to see lasting benefits from this technology for fragmented global industries like aviation services and supply chainecosystem,” said Florian Eggenschwiler, who oversees Swissport’s innovation unit. “It will likely change how service providers, clients and partners will transact with each other. We want to get familiar with such technologies early in the innovation cycle and partner with technology leaders to explore its potential in our business for a variety of use cases.”

Winding Tree’s platform enables startups and companies to gain direct access to travel service providers’ offerings without the need for intermediaries. The company is already working with German airline Lufthansa, Air New Zealand and Aruba-based ATECH Foundation. Swissport will be the platform’s launch partner for ancillary ground travel services.