Blockchain Platform For CRM Introduced By Salesforce

Blockchain, News | May 31, 2019 By:

Cloud computing company Salesforce has introduced a low-code blockchain platform that enables organizations to share verified, distributed data sets across a trusted network of partners and third parties.

Salesforce, best-known for its cloud computing software for customer relationship management (CRM), said that its new blockchain platform is powered by Salesforce Lightning and open source blockchain technology from Hyperledger. The platform will reportedly extend the power of CRM, allowing companies to create blockchain networks, workflows and apps that deliver entirely new customer experiences.

“By combining CRM workflows with blockchain data, companies can create new business processes and models that span sales, service, marketing and beyond to accelerate the speed of business,” Salesforce said. “Customers can now create and share a blockchain object in the same process as any CRM data object — with clicks, not code.”

The Salesforce Blockchain will also enable companies to pull in APIs, pre-built apps and integrate any existing blockchains with Salesforce. In addition, companies can easily interact with and add third parties to their blockchain with a few clicks and a simple authentication.

The platform is currently available to select design partners, including Arizona State University, IQVIA, and S&P Global Ratings, and expected to become generally available next year.

“We help companies build for the future by making breakthrough technology accessible and easy to use — today we are doing just that with Salesforce Blockchain,” said Bret Taylor, President and Chief Product Officer, Salesforce. “Now, companies will be able to create new ecosystems and achieve new levels of interconnectivity through trusted partner networks.”