Blockchain Platform For Novel Writers Launched By South Korean Telecom Giant

Announcements, Blockchain | July 4, 2018 By:

KT Corporation, South Korea’s largest telephone company, has launched a blockchain platform for novel writers.

KT Corporation, formerly Korea Telecom, is South Korea’s first telephone company and as such it dominates the local landline and broadband Internet market, serving about 90 percent of the country’s fixed-line subscribers and 45 percent of high-speed Internet users.

The new blockchain platform, called Blice, which was launched in beta last month, allows independent novel writers to upload their own works to the site, register, and sell them. By using KT’s blockchain technology, the platform ensures data protection for writers and users. Once its blockhain is upgraded, KT said the platform will also check the content for plagiarism. The platform is also utilizing big data analysis, which allows the platform to recommend certain novels to customers.

“Based on the know-how accumulated through years of experience in publishing and distribution and the unique technology of KT, Blice will enable writers to communicate with readers in a stable manner,” said Jeon Dae-jin, managing director of KT’s content platform.

In March of this year, KT announced plans to rebuild South Korea’s network infrastructure using blockchain technology. The company aims to expand the use of blockchain to finance, Internet of Things (IoT), smart energy and health care businesses.

“Blockchain will be central technologies for digitalization in the fourth industrial revolution,” said Seo Young-il, vice president and head of the blockchain center at KT’s Institute of Convergence Technology. “To improve artificial intelligence (AI), data transmission is the most important factor. Blockchain technologies will form fundamental infrastructure for AI, like an expressway for transmission of massive data at fast speeds.”