Blockchain Security Firm Quantstamp Expands To Japan

Blockchain, Investing, News | March 6, 2019 By:

Blockchain security firm Quantstamp has received an undisclosed investment from Nomura Holdings and Digital Garage to establish a limited liability company in Japan.

Quantstamp is a smart contract security company that is developing the Quantstamp protocol and automated security tools, and conducts manual audits. It aims to enhance smart contract security and the reputation of projects that create smart contracts by producing openly accessible scan reports.

The new company, called Quantstamp Japan GK, will assist Japanese startups and enterprises in using secure blockchain technology. It will provide an automated tool for developers and users to check smart contracts for well-known vulnerabilities, as well as white-glove auditing services to help secure large-scale blockchain projects.

“I’m pleased to announce Quantstamp’s formal expansion to Japan, Japan is an important market in digital payments,” said Richard Ma, co-founder, and chief executive officer of Quantstamp Inc. “We’re expanding our presence as we think that the market for smart contract-driven applications here is strong and will only be growing.”

Chuzaburo Yagi, Senior Managing Director in charge of Innovations at Nomura Holdings, said that as blockchain technology is adopted in the financial world, smart contracts will play an increasingly important role.

“Security assurances through auditing and certification will become increasingly indispensable,” said Yagi. “I believe Quantstamp is well positioned to support this role as they work to secure smart contract technology.”

Yasuhiro Mimura, Managing Director of Digital Garage Incubation, believes that Quantstamp offers the best service on the market for identifying and mitigating smart contract vulnerabilities.

“With their knowledge and experience on smart contract security, we are hoping for further breakthroughs in the future,” Mimura said.