Blockchain Security’s Luxcore Names John McAfee As CEO

Job Appointments | August 20, 2018 By:

Luxcore (LUX), a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem, has announced cryptocurrency pundit John McAfee as its new CEO.

The blockchain company, which focuses on designing and building enterprise ready security and privacy products, says the decision to make the outspoken McAfee the company’s CEO is among its reorganization strategies that are purposely designed to bring about business growth for its cryptocurrency, Lux Coin.

“We are excited to announce @officialmcafee as the new CEO. John’s appointment is part of a massive personnel reorganization designed to drive significant and rapid business growth for $LUX. It’s the dawning of a #NewEra.”

McAfee, who has been campaigning for mass adoption of cryptocurrency, said of his new company, “They have been working hard behind the scenes and will soon announce the availability of blockchain features we have all been waiting for. I will still continue to lead Team McAfee on its adventurous journey.”

Luxcore’s major aim is to bring the use of blockchain to the mainstream by connecting the gap between normal consumers and enterprise users.