Blockchain Startup Aqilliz Teams With Zirca To Raise Privacy and Personalization Standards in Audience Targeting

Blockchain, News | November 4, 2020 By:

Blockchain solutions provider Aqilliz has announced a co-marketing partnership with digital solutions company Zirca.

Based in Singapore, Aqilliz is a blockchain platform for marketing that aims to improve trust, transparency and convenience in digital marketing. Aqilliz offers three solutions that target three key areas in digital marketing that impede value exchange. Named Proton, Neutron, and Electron, these solutions are underscored by a philosophy that aims to examine the Who, What, When, Where and How across the online value exchange process and introduce blockchain-based methods to better optimize existing business models.

Zirca is a global digital solutions company that provides digital content and advertising solutions to brands across industries and in key markets across India and South-East Asia. The company works with multiple Indian and global publishers and platforms to enable them to monetize their multi-channel assets in India. Zirca represents few leading global brands like The Economist, Fast Company,, Mail Online, and Microsoft in India.

The partnership will see Aqilliz offering the whole range of Zirca’s audience targeting solutions across content and brand solutions, programmatic advertising, and monetization solutions for all of its enterprise clients worldwide. In return, Zirca will also be offering Aqilliz’s suite of solutions leveraging three core technologies in blockchain, differential privacy, and federated discovery with data provenance to its domestic and global customer base.

“There is an ever-growing emphasis on data-driven advertising while at the same time regulators are increasingly scrutinising brands when it comes to data compliance,” said Gowthaman Ragothaman, CEO of Aqilliz. “More than ever, brands need to better abide by a fragmented ecosystem of privacy frameworks while still delivering ads with maximum relevance and context to the consumer. With contextual marketing offering a far more customer-centric approach to audience targeting, this partnership with Zirca will enable far greater standards of personalisation with privacy in mind.”

According to the companies, their partnership will enable them to offer a contextual model of audience targeting without compromising on efficiency and compliance in a privacy-first world.

“At Zirca, our goal has always been to generate value for our clients by creating and executing the best campaigns,” said Neena Dasgupta, CEO and Director, Zirca Digital Solutions. “With this association, we aim to offer smarter solutions to our partners and enable deeper connections and engagement with their audiences. We are confident that through our collaborative approach we will create and deliver cutting-edge digital solutions to brands.”