Blockchain Startup StrongBlock Raises $4M USD In Seed Funding

Blockchain, Investing, News | March 11, 2019 By:

Blockchain startup StrongBlock has raised $4 million in a seed funding round led by Pangea Blockchain Fund and its limited partners, including Copernicus Asset Management SA.

StrongBlock, founded by four former technology executives from EOSIO, claims that its breakthrough blockchain technology bridges the gap between the technological needs of enterprises and the current state of blockchain protocols. The startup provides turnkey implementation, service level guarantees, ongoing client support and consulting services to help ensure that enterprises can securely integrate blockchain solutions with legacy systems without wasting both time and money attempting to build proprietary infrastructures.

StrongBlock said that the funding will support the company’s plans to be the blockchain standard for enterprises, financial institutions, and governments.

“Before Red Hat, Linux was nearly impossible for enterprises to put into production. Now Red Hat is the Enterprise Linux standard,” said David Moss, StrongBlock Founder/CEO and former SVP at “If there was a way to push a button and get an Enterprise-ready blockchain, you’d move further, faster. StrongBlock does that. We make blockchain easy. Enterprises already know they have certain problems that only blockchain can solve, notably in supply chain, product provenance, healthcare, and finance. With StrongBlock, businesses can actually implement solutions.”

Pangea Blockchain Fund debuted its inaugural international fund focused on transformative blockchain solutions last month. It invests in entrepreneurs committed to building blockchain solutions that disrupt or transform the status quo.

“We chose StrongBlock as Pangea’s first investment, as it aligns with our investment approach: utilizing blockchain technology to change underlying systems that power the things we do every day,” said James Duplessie, co-founder of Blockchain Investment Advisory Sagl, Pangea Blockchain Fund’s Swiss-based investment adviser. “StrongBlock’s seasoned management team’s deep technical expertise will allow the company to not only lead the market but define it.”