Blockchain’s DigitalTown Adds Phil Komarny To Advisory Board

Job Appointments | June 18, 2018 By:

DigitalTown, which uses blockchain technology and decentralized applications for cities, has added Phil Komarny to its advisory board.

The VP of Innovation for SalesForce and an entrepreneur, Komarny will join DigitalTown to provide turn-key hosted solutions to power “Digital Towns”, locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement, and digital inclusion for cities around the world.

DigitalTown’s ecosystem comprises a localized search engine, local ownership via CityShares, a free SmartWallet for payments, and community collaboration platforms, all combined to support local communities.

“Phil is a clear fit for DigitalTown. His enthusiasm for how democratized access to technology can improve lives, coupled with his sharp business acumen and empathy for people is a winning combination,” said DigitalTown CEO Rob Monster. “Phil’s vast professional network is a welcome addition at a time when interest in DigitalTown from around the world is accelerating.”

Komarny added, “As soon as I discovered DigitalTown, I wanted to be involved. DigitalTown is the first public company to fully adopt blockchain, specifically RChain, and the first public company to provide tools that really empower residents, visitors, merchants and municipalities to work together to create thriving, sovereign local communities, and that’s a worthwhile movement I want to be a part of and it sits perfectly with some other interests, including, which allows people to take ownership of personal data.”