Blockparty Teams With American DJ 3LAU To Release First Digital Music Collectibles

Blockchain, News | September 10, 2020 By:

Digital collectibles marketplace Blockparty has released its first music collectibles with new music from renowned American DJ and electronic dance music producer, Justin David Blau (3LAU).

Blockparty has created a new class of digital collectibles across art, music, and sports to enable users to share and earn value together. Through its Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Marketplace, Blockparty enables fans to fully own, sell, and trade digital assets while allowing creators to build more valuable relationships with their fans by offering incentives, rewards, and giveaways through digital collectibles.

3LAU is a successful recording artist, DJ, and producer whose main goal is not fame, but helping others. Raised in New York and Las Vegas 3LAU left Washington University in St. Louis, where he studied finance, and the promise of a career in business to pursue his dream of making music. He went on to release a string of well-received original tracks, including “How You Love Me,” “Is It Love,” “Fire,” “On My Mind,” and “Hot Water,” as well as remixes for Rihanna, Katy Perry, Shawn Mendes, and Ariana Grande – all of which have racked up millions of streams. Recent collaborations include world-famous gamer Ninja and HYO of Girls’ Generation.

According to Blockparty, 3LAU’s music will be set to moving graphics from Slime Sunday (Mike Parisella) to create a new auditory and visually-immersive experience with the first-of-its-kind collectibles from the artists. The listing of 3LAU’s work on the Blockparty marketplace will enable fans to own these rare, highly-coveted audio-reactive digital collectibles. The collectibles also provide fans with insider benefits including access to unique rewards and giveaways.

The company said that by offering rarefied music collectibles on Blockparty, musicians can continue building their revenue streams and reaching new fans. As a digital collectible provides a great deal of flexibility for musicians, it also opens the door for them to partner with other creatives to build and release new mixed-reality offerings as well.

“Music and art have always been intertwined and 3LAU’s latest release with Slime Sunday brings this new experience to fans everywhere,” said Vladislav Ginzburg, CEO of Blockparty. “We’re continuing to build strong momentum within the marketplace and our first-ever music drop is certainly one of the most unique digital collectibles available anywhere in the industry. We’re also thrilled to have 3LAU as part of our team and look forward to building completely new experiences together by bridging the digital collectibles world with the physical realm.”

In addition to listing his music on the Blockparty marketplace, 3LAU has joined Blockparty’s team as the director of music where he will oversee product-based updates to help optimize the real-world benefits of owning digital collectibles from Blockparty.

“For musicians, the ability to transform our work into new media is always exciting and Blockparty has provided the ideal platform for me to continue engaging with my fans in a completely new way,” said 3LAU. “With the incredible potential of digital music collectibles, the fan experience can be completely transformed, whether it’s providing the rush of a live concert or later reaping the benefits of owning the collectible in the real-world.”