Broctagon Fintech Group Hires Cecilia Chan As Executive Director

Job Appointments | March 24, 2021 By:

Broctagon Fintech Group has appointed Cecilia Chan as the company’s Executive Director.

Broctagon Fintech Group specializes in prime liquidity provision, brokerage technology solutions and enterprise blockchain development. The firm is headquartered in Singapore with over 10 years of established global presence in China, India, Russia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam.

Formerly a Vice President at the Singapore Exchanges, Chan brings 20 years of experience leading financial institutions across Asia. She was also head of dealing for Phillip Futures followed by Maybank in Malaysia, as well as being Senior Manager of Exchange & Regulatory Relations at Hang Send Indexes in Hong Kong. Her operational experience spans from establishing dealing desks to developing exchange traded index products and achieving compliance with Asian, EU and US regulators.

Cecilia will head the team at Broctagon Prime Markets Limited, the group’s newly established Asian liquidity division with the primary objective of establishing bank-grade FX liquidity that is tailored for the Asian market. The firm will offer multi-asset opportunities such as CFDs, commodities as well as digital assets.

“Having Cecilia on board is pivotal to our strategic vision. Her financial expertise coupled with our proprietary NEXUS 2.0 aggregator technology is a winning combination,” said Don Guo, CEO of Broctagon. “With the demand for trading in the Asian markets growing rapidly, we see Labuan as a growing financial hub. In contrast to the many liquidity providers operating in the region which are European-focused, Broctagon Prime Markets has its core capabilities built to serve the APAC region. We are headquartered in Asia, the majority of our team is based in Asia, our background is in the Asian markets and Cecilia brings to the table proven local proficiencies spanning multiple Asian jurisdictions that can truly benefit the clients we serve.”

“The past few years has seen a huge shift to electronic trading, and It has become evident that technology shapes the success of a broker,” Chan said. “I wanted to be at the forefront of that shift and that’s what compelled me to relocate to join Broctagon in its Singapore HQ. The company is well-positioned to play a big part in guiding the Asia broking community through this ongoing transition. As a provider of both prime of prime liquidity and turnkey brokerage technologies, our ambition is to empower brokers holistically. I believe, my experience from both buy-side and sell-side provides comprehensive understanding not only on how brokerages are run, but their pain points and the kind of resources they need, which Broctagon Prime Markets will be poised to provide.”