Bumble Bee Foods, SAP Partner To Track Fresh Fish From Ocean To Table Using Blockchain

Blockchain, News | March 11, 2019 By:

Bumble Bee Foods, North America’s largest branded shelf-stable seafood company, is using software giant SAP‘s blockchain-as-service platform to trace the journey of yellowfin tuna from the Indonesian ocean to the dinner table.

Called SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain, the platform allows corporate customers to develop new applications and networks and extend existing apps to apply blockchain capabilities. The service is targeted at manufacturing and supply chain applications, particularly in areas like food and pharmaceuticals where product safety is critical.

Bumble Bee, which aims to provide healthy and nutritious products and meal solutions that are sourced sustainably, partnered with SAP to innovate and improve upon seafood traceability as more and more consumers demand to know their food is safe. Bumble Bee will be the first food company to incorporate the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain into its production, allowing it to store data and create a tamper-proof supply chain history, which can be shared and seen by each participant.

“With SAP’s blockchain technology, consumers and customers will be able to easily access the complete origin and history of Bumble Bee Foods’ Natural Blue by Anova yellowfin tuna simply by using their smartphones to scan a QR code on the product package,” SAP said. “With the snap of a code, the blockchain technology provides instant information about the fish-to-market journey, including the size of the catch, point of capture and the fishing community that caught it, as well as valuable insights to verify authenticity, freshness, safety, fair trade fishing certification and sustainability.”

Bumble Bee believes that blockchain is the safest possible way to share data between parties because it is incorruptible and verifiable.

“With SAP, we have the ability to track fish the moment it’s caught and as it travels around the world, telling the story of each tuna while positively impacting ecosystems and the lives of the people all the way down the line,” Bumble Bee Foods Chief Information Officer Tony Costa said. “Bumble Bee has long been an industry leader in tracing its seafood products, and the addition of SAP’s blockchain technology allows us to further elevate our efforts in complete transparency with consumers and customers, providing assurance that their fish is fresh and it’s been sourced fairly according to our commitments to the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation.”

Oliver Betz, global head and senior vice president of SAP Innovative Business Solutions, part of SAP Digital Business Services, said that the SAP Cloud Platform Blockchain service is an example of how blockchains can be used to revolutionize the future of food.

“It creates transparency and traceability across the food supply chain, from the ocean, across the cold chain, to the warehouse, store and our table,” said Betz. “When we help enterprises like Bumble Bee to make innovation real, we support the consumer’s need to know and reinforce their faith in the brands they trust.”