Byzen Digital Appoints Tom Beckett To Board of Directors

Job Appointments | November 18, 2018 By:

Byzen Digital Inc.  has appointed Tom Beckett, CEO of the Axiom Partnership, to the Company’s board of directors.

Following the November 13 announcement that the Axiom Partnership is to act as Byzen’s strategic investment partner, Beckett’s new role is the first of several Axiom appointments to the Byzen board planned over the coming months.

Byzen is developing a portfolio of technology companies over the next two years.

“We are pleased to welcome Tom to the Board at Byzen,” said CEO Chris Percy of Byzen Digital. “His formidable experience in the tech and fundraising space will prove invaluable as the company executes on its strategic plan for rapid and sustained growth over 2019 – 2020 and beyond. Strategic direction and investment from Tom and the Axiom team puts Byzen in a stronger position than ever. Byzen is now ready to move forward with due diligence on our exciting pipeline of potential acquisition targets in the tech sector.”

“I have worked closely with Byzen over the past 12 months while positioning The Axiom Partnership as the company’s strategic investment partner,” Beckett said. “I look forward to building on an already fruitful relationship, and to playing an integral long-term role as Byzen continues its development to be a major player in the technology space.”

Axiom focuses on emerging technology markets and blockchain technology as ideal sectors for developing new profitable business. Consequently, their current projects are intrinsically linked to these sectors of industry via either funding or technology.

Byzen Digital is a recently listed player in the blockchain and cryptocurrency trading market place, focusing on payments and blockchain.