Cashila partners with Bitnik Reload to allow people to live truly on bitcoin

Announcements | May 2, 2016 By:

Cashila has announced a new partnership with Bitnik Reload to help users keep a constant bitcoin balance in their Cashila account.

To promote more bitcoin adoption for regular payments, users need to use bitcoin as much as possible. The Bitnik Reload partnership is part of that mission. Reload automatically repurchases all the bitcoin a user spends from their exchange.

“In our opinion, we have to support bitcoin’s day-to-day usage, since it is the only way to spread mass adoption. With Cashila and Reload you can now start using your bitcoins and never worry about your supply or volatility again. Pay your bills with Cashila and leave Reload to reliably and automatically repurchase spent bitcoins for you in seconds,” said Cashila.

Cashila is a bitcoin payment and bitcoin-to-euro conversion service. Bitnik Reload is a Slovenian bitcoin service that automatically repurchases spent bitcoin from exchanges.