Blockchain Technology Integrated Into Chinese Online Encyclopedia Baidu Baike

Blockchain, News | May 29, 2018 By:

Chinese search engine Baidu is using blockchain to improve the accuracy and traceability of Baidu Baike, the company’s Chinese-language, collaborative, web-based encyclopedia.

Baidu Baike serves as an online encyclopedia as well as information storage space for netizens. Its test version was released in April 2006, and within three weeks the encyclopedia had grown to more than 90,000 articles, surpassing the number in Chinese Wikipedia. As of February of this year, Baidu Baike holds over 15.2 million entries with some 6.4 million voluntary contributors making revisions.

By integrating blockchain technology, users can now view historical versions of certain entries on Baidu Baike with references to blockchain information, including a blockchain value, amendment time, person who made the amendment, and block height.

Chai Qiaozi, head of Baidu’s blockchain unit, said that the blockchain feature, which was first made visible to the public on Monday, is part of Baidu’s blockchain layout and was added to “enhance the credibility” of the platform.

“This product represents a combination of our existing business and blockchain technology, which can be considered as Baidu’s blockchain product 1.0,” Chai said. “And we will release a brand new product in the coming months. The product’s philosophy, positioning and architecture will be integrated with blockchain, and we plan to launch a token based on Baidu’s own blockchain platform.”

In January this year, the Chinese search giant developed its own blockchain-as-a-service platform. It uses the company’s technology to conduct and trace transactions through use cases ranging from cryptocurrency and billing to insurance management financial auditing.

Last month, Baidu launched a blockchain stock photo service platform in bid to protect photographers from copyright infringement.