Coin Center Explains Crypto To Congressional Blockchain Caucus

Blockchain, News, Regulation | January 22, 2019 By:

The Coin Center trade association held a briefing in Congress on Friday of last week in conjunction with the Congressional Blockchain Caucus on Friday, explaining to the committee the practical uses of cryptocurrency

“We gave a live demonstration of micropayments using a Lightning Network enabled candy dispensing machine,” said a Coin Center statement. “The demo was followed by a presentation covering the basics of cryptocurrency, why it’s exciting, and the policy issues the technology raises, including questions of scaling, privacy, consumer protection, and tax. Watch the videos of the demo.”

The meeting was not smooth. A Commodity Futures Trading Commission commissioner gave what was described as “a worrying speech” suggesting that writers of code could be held accountable for what the users of that code did with it. The Commissioner later agreed that was not the case after some explanation.