Coin Dance adds more national currencies to track for bitcoin trading volumes

Announcements | February 28, 2017 By:

Coin Dance announced the addition of more national currencies to track for bitcoin trading volumes.

The platform tracks LocalBitcoins, Paxful, and BitSquare traders all over the world. In the most recent update, various new national currencies were added for all supported platforms.

The Coin Dance team also enables tracking of additional national currencies for BitSquare, in the form of CAD and NZD. Peer-to-peer bitcoin trading platforms are becoming more popular, that much is certain.

Additionally, the team added new currencies for the Paxful exchange platform as well. Tracking trades in CNY, JPY, NZD and AED is of great interest for sure. The United Arab Emirates have been relatively quiet on the bitcoin front so far. Then again, that does not mean the country is not warming up to bitcoin. Judging from the charts, it is evident there is some weekly Paxful volume in AED for quite some time now.