Coinmotion starts zero commission trading campaign

Investing | April 7, 2016 By:

Coinmotion announced a new short term zero percent commission bitcoin trading campaign for its European users that will last until April 18.

Coinmotion CEO Henry Brade made the announcement via blog post on Medium. In addition to zero percent fee campaign, he also announced Stop Orders, which can be used in addition to regular buy/sell orders and limit orders.

“Unlike with a regular limit order, where you may be trying to buy when the price goes low to a certain point, or you may be trying to sell when the price is going up to a certain point, with stop orders you are doing the opposite. With a stop order you are buying when the price goes up to a certain point, trying to ride an uptrend in price. Or alternatively you are selling when the price goes down to a certain point, trying to ride a downtrend in price,” said Brade.

Coinmotion is a Helsinki-based European bitcoin exchange and wallet service provider.