Contento Aims To Tokenize Mobile Content For The Masses

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Contento is a public blockchain content distribution platform where content can be freely produced, authenticated of its copyright, distributed and transacted, and where the value and rights will be returned to users.

Mick Tsai,CEO and founder of the decentralized global content ecosystem, spoke to Block Tribune about the project, which has already attracted investments from and Cheetah Mobile.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Let’s start by walking me through how it works.

MICK TSAI: Okay. Yeah, have you heard about the project host Steem the U.S.?

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Steem. Yes, I’ve heard of Steem.

MICK TSAI: Yeah. Basically, last year when we take a look at their design, we think they have a pretty interesting design. And for the past two year, when we work with global creators because we are working on the livestream app code , I’m not sure have you heard about that? Well that’s a mobile live-streaming app. Which now is pretty popular in the US. And also pretty popular in Asia.

And when we worked with global creators on we found there are many issues when they built their content. For example when they work on YouTube, the thing is that YouTube from time to time change their algorithm. About featuring and also giving it a user view. And meanwhile in the middle of last year YouTube controlled their revenue. So they simply stopped paying ad revenue for those people who had less than one hundred thousand fans. Which became a real issue for all of the creators especially in the US.

So when we take a look at the whole design for Steem, we found that it’s also matched for those video creators. That’s really the kind of star when we think about how are we going to leverage blockchain technology to change the world of the creator especially from those video and live streaming creators.

So start from that, we are thinking, it’s probably not just about video and live-streaming creators, but also for all type of creators. So in our vision, what we’re trying to achieve is that we’re trying to leverage blockchain technology to create what we call next generation visual content distribution system. So, on that we can try to build this blockchain content system particularly focus on the content innovation and global diversity and truly return the content value to the user and creators.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. So how will it work for a content creator?

MICK TSAI: The company, right?

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Yeah. The company. A content creator wants to distribute content with your company. What will they need to do?

MICK TSAI: Okay. Now because we are building a blockchain called Contento. So what you have to do right now is sign up Contento and the first thing you would have to do is make your own identity be visible on the blockchain. But of course, we respect your privacy, so the identity you set up just a hash decimal ID. Then after that what you have to do is make sure every creation, for example video the digital fingerprint is stored in our system. So start from there, we can start tracking your copyright issue. So we can make sure that you are the only one who has the right for your creation.

And because now we have two apps, one I just mentioned that’s a mobile live streaming app. The other is called Cheez. These two apps actually right now is the ambassador of Contento.  Also they are the first two products integrate with Contento blockchain.

So in fact Cheez right now in the US. If you use a Cheez, which is a short video app, you use a Cheez, you can earn the token by publishing a video and based on the quality of the video which is based on how many people view and how many give you the up votes, then you can earn corresponding tokens. Then with these tokens, right now you can use inside the Cheez system. For example the product feature you can use the Cheez token to extend the video length. Because originally everyone can have a fifteen second video in Cheez. But with spending two tokens, you can extend the video length to up to one minute. So thus becomes like producing, consuming eco system inside a product. Then you can start using these tokens, we call these utility tokens inside this app so people start understanding, okay this token has some value and it can be used in a real product.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: There’s a number of others that are trying to do these sort of video systems. What’s your differentiation?

MICK TSAI: Okay. I know in the market, a lot of people are trying to achieve this similar goal especially content domain. But I think that for us, there are three very unique spots which I believe we can access.

The first one, we have the global creative connection. Because if you look at similar white paper to talk about the content creation, a lot of them don’t have the real connection with the creators. Especially global creators. So because, in the past two years, we have the global operation around the world we have established very solid and deep connection with global creators. Right now we have a hundred thousand global creators work with and Cheez. So that means once we roll out this token they are the very first wave creators who can really use and leverage this token.

The second part is we do have a comprehensive product line. I think Cheez and are both doing live streaming and short video, but in the meantime I also have the other potential partner. It’s PhotoGrid. PhotoGrid is my other ambassador Cheetah Mobile’s product. The primary user or target audience is photo users. They use this app to build or take photos and also share in the small PhotoGrid community.  So that means once we integrate with PhotoGrid we can also cover those photo creators. So all of this product line actually is something that a lot of blockchain content blockchain projects don’t have. Because they only know how to build some kind of blockchain, but they don’t really have a product to connect real people with the blockchain.

The third part is we have enormous world wide use base. and Cheez only these products we already have 60 million global users world wide and 60% of them are US-based.  So they are the very first wave user will experience this token and all this ecosystem. I believe this is a huge user base. However, in the meantime because Cheetah Mobile is the outing factor for this blockchain for Cheetah Mobile, you have sixty six hundred million MAU (Monthly Active Users) which all are the potential users for this blockchain. And all these numbers because Cheetah Mobile is on New York Exchange list company so all these numbers is public you can check on websites. But all those people, all those users assume in next few months they will become Contento users.

So I would say all three are key differentiation of when you compare Contento with other content blockchain.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Are you going to help your content creators enforce copyrights if someone uses their video or photo somewhere else that’s not been authorized?  

MICK TSAI: Okay. I think if someone’s trying to replicate, and simply trying to replicate and simply using other way to copy the digital assets somewhere else in current technology it most likely cannot be prevented.

However, what we can do is when you’re trying to for example go to court and try to sue somebody, this would become great evidence that you do possess the rights for this creation. But moving forward in the long run once Contento starts expanding the scope and covering more and more mainstream users and creators and more and more people and more and more service will connect with this blockchain at that time we don’t even need to use the other way because everybody will consume the content directly from Contento so that makes us have the way to prevent people to pirating or copyright infringement for those issues.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Now your company headquarters is in Beijing?

MICK TSAI: Yes. Our headquarters right now is in Beijing. But we are [inaudible 00:09:56] nonprofit foundation right now.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: I see. Are you planning an ICO even though you’re…


BLOCK TRIBUNE: You’re not. Because your restrictions from the government on it.

MICK TSAI: Because for me, right now we just need PE – Private equity round. And we don’t plan to do IPO because we have so many revelation issues, not just in the U.S. but in China in the worldwide. So we don’t do IPO but we will go to Exchange and we are planning in Q3 this year we will go to the Exchange.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Your servers are located in Beijing?

MICK TSAI: No.  Because the server, right now we serve primarily US users. Right now, Live and Cheez server is in [inaudible 00:10:49] which is in U.S. right now. But in future once it becomes the centralized design I think worldwide, that would be possible.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay. Are there going to be any content restrictions on your network?

MICK TSAI: I’m not sure about what kind of content restrictions. Are you talking about the pornography or something?

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Potentially, I guess. And whatever content, or it could be political.

MICK TSAI: Okay, for us what we believe is not really decentralize everything because I know a whole content community, especially in the baby, infant phase right now. You have to give some guidance and moderation so in the beginning we will use our committee which is most of our in-house counselors to moderate the whole community. Which means we will control what kind of content can be seen. However, of course, this is the chance. So, once you upload, it will just stay there but for the product we will filter we will remove those improper content. But moving forward, all these rights all this moderation we will give the rights to the community. So community who holds the most tokens, they have the right to decide and also the right to judge whether this content is proper for the community.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Tell me a little bit about the technology community in Beijing. It was the ground central of the cryptocurrency industry for a time, and there are still a lot of people even with the restrictions that are active in the community. How do you interact with other companies? What’s it like being there now?

MICK TSAI: Okay. We do have some conversation with some great public chain developers and pub chain project owners right now. Because Contento is a huge project. For those pub chain design and construction we think that leveraging other peoples art by top developer into this project as possible. For example, Eos or Ontology or Neo. All those type of public projects we are thinking about how we are going to work with them in building this project.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Okay, alright. Those are my questions. Do you have anything you want to tell me about that I didn’t ask you about?

MICK TSAI: Okay. I think one thing I would like to highlight is that we are trying to build three very unique business models with blockchain technology.

Because I also see a lot of similar projects right now that are not really focusing on the how to leverage blockchain to build a real unique business model. Most of them, when I saw their whitepaper, or even something they’ve built, it actually can be done by a centralized design. Which means you don’t even need a blockchain.

So I would like to highlight three things we want to build inside the Contento.

First one’s of course smart advertising. A lot of people talking about advertisement. So in Contento we do leverage the smart contract to offer a better guarantee for the content creator and advertiser. So that in the future the advertiser can base on the actual result for the video promotion or the content promotion then decide how much they have to pay to the creator. In the meantime they can also make the smart contract mean exceed our expectations are achieved virally tactic, tremendous success how much additional bonus has to be paid to the creator. So in this case, creators can be motivated and they can try their best to build something cool and achieve the maximum effect for their advisor.

The second part is how to connect the creators. We will work with global creators. We have found the real interesting things for example in Singapore, or in Taiwan we have a great musician. He’s probably not big enough to be contracted by the record company. However, he’s really good! He created like a fifteen second soundtrack for your small video footage. In the meantime in the U.S. small creator trying to figure out how he can find really great music for his new video. So in the past, these two people can never meet each other, they could never understand each others need. Even if they do, they cannot trust each other because they don’t know who they are, or how to work with each other. But for the Contento, we are trying to build this new smart contract and trying to connect all this stuff. Because the whole blockchain is trying to solve something you don’t need to trust someone as long as we trust the chain. Because the chain is immutable and transparent. So everybody can build something based on the trust of Contento. So this becomes possible when you leverage the blockchain technology.

The third part of course is the direct support from them. If you take a look at live streaming app we have the digital currency which means that all the fans using U.S. dollars to buy digital coins inside Using this digital coin to track the gifting when broadcaster trying to run the live show they send a virtual gift to the broadcaster.  When broadcaster receives the virtual gift they can convert back to [inaudible 00:16:43] currency. But all this is done by ecosystem. Right now we are trying to build a token economy which makes possible that even anyone can try to send the gift to the creators. So that means it gives a lot of possibility to the influencer and how to interact with the fans. And think about [inaudible 00:17:12]or the donation model.  Have you heard of a website called Patreon which is I think very popular in the U.S. right now? We will build a similar business model just like Patreon but we will use the blockchain technology and all this system to make everything transparent which means the fans and the influencer their connections become really strong and they don’t need to worry about centralized platform changing the subscription model, or changing the subscription fee anytime if they want.

So these three: smart advertising, connect creators and direct support from fans are three unique business models we are trying to introduce inside Contento which cannot be seen among all similar other projects.