Cosmos Gives Out $1M in ATOM with Largest Hackathon in Company History

Announcements, Blockchain, News | December 17, 2021 By:

Over the past month, the Cosmos Network ($ATOM), hosted one of the largest hackathon’s in the DeFi space ever with nearly 2000 participants, 103 submissions and prize pool of over $1M.

The event, HackAtom, incentivized developers to build innovative and unique solutions in a variety of categories from improving Cosmos’ Interoperability or Starport to Gaming and Environmentally friendly initiatives among other categories. What did the winners build?

  1. A Cosmos wallet that supports Metamask and Kelpr, allowing users to interact with ERC-20 tokens and IBC assets enhancing the Inter-blockchain communication mission further

  2. A decentralized, E2E private alternative to Google Drive and Dropbox that allows users to securely upload and store their files.

  3. In the Earth category: a Chainlink oracle that provides Cosmos apps with geospatial data from satellites to power Earth Impact and ESG projects

  4. In the Gaming category: Crowdcontrol NFT Arena, an immersive game that allows users to transfer their NFTs cross-chain and equip characters with armor and weapons

Winners of these categories received $35,000 in ATOM culminating in more than $1 million in prize pool money doled out. Many of these winners’ projects will be further developed as the Cosmos ecosystem grows showcasing the community involvement of the network, others expand key initiatives aimed at leveraging the Cosmos Network to solve real world problems through carbon capturing DAOs or build interactive games.