Crypto Derivatives Platform ZUBR Receives A+ Verification

Blockchain, News | November 18, 2020 By:

Crypto derivatives platform ZUBR has received certification as an A+ Verified Exchange by institutional crypto ranking program Nomics.

ZUBR is an arbitrage hub for digital asset derivatives, aimed at experienced and professional market participants and traders exploiting quantitative algorithmic and latency-sensitive trading strategies. Its client-base includes proprietary trading firms and individuals that trade in a wide range of cryptocurrency markets, using arbitrage and other latency-sensitive strategies across multiple trading venues. In May of this year, ZUBR received in-principle approval for its Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Provider license (Gibraltar) and is expected to be in the first generation of European regulated cryptocurrency exchanges.

Nomics delivers professional-grade market data Application Programming Interfaces (API), and is a trusted service to institutional crypto investors and exchanges. The company curates a ‘Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges List’ as part of its A+ Verified Exchange Program, which launched in August 2019. The program certifies exchanges which have provided high-granularity data with as much history as possible. Current A+ Verified Exchanges include Deribit, IDEX, Switcheo, and Blocktrade.

Nomics’ A+ Verified Exchange Program required ZUBR to provide detailed information about the instruments listed on its exchange, feeding historical data on all executions to Nomics, as well as providing order book snapshots in order for Nomics to rank ZUBR among other exchanges.

“We are extremely pleased to receive our A+ rating from Nomics, further evidence that the ZUBR Exchange meets the highest standards for data reliability and consistency,” said Ilgar Alekperov, CEO of ZUBR. “The A+ Verified Exchange Program reflects the transparency and fair dealing that ZUBR is looking to bring to the evolving crypto derivatives trading industry, as we lead the way in creating a regulated and truly professional environment.”

In addition to its A+ rating, ZUBR is the first live digital derivatives platform to have been successfully tested by Exactpro, a specialist firm focused on quality assurance for exchanges, clearing houses and security depositories, used by regulated financial market infrastructures in twenty countries across six continents.