Crypto Financial Platform 2gether Launches 2GT Utility Token On Bounce

Announcements, ICO News, Investing, News | February 22, 2021 By:

Collaborative financial platform 2gether has announced the listing of its 2GT token on Bounce, a decentralized platform that specializes in auction-style ICOs and NFTs.

Founded in 2016, 2gether aims to build the financial platform that customers would build for themselves. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between crypto users and the mainstream market to simplify customers’ financial decisions. 2gether users everywhere are able to spend supported cryptocurrencies as they would regular fiat anytime, anywhere. In addition, 2gether has successfully launched its ATM feature, allowing users to withdraw cash against their crypto holdings from any Visa-accepted ATM.

Over the last year, 2gether, which operates in 22 countries, has grown its platform by 500 percent, reaching 80,000 users in total by early 2021. Behind the success of this growth are the “founders” of 2gether—users who partake in the company’s referral program without the need for marketing campaigns. In return, the company has rewarded founders with 2GT tokens, with over 20 million tokens granted to founders thus far.

Following this success, 2gether, once open for EU citizens only, is now opening up to new international investors with the launch of the 2GT utility token, available from February 23rd on Bounce.

The 2GT utility token will be available for seven days only. Starting March 8th, any user holding a 2GT utility token will be able to trade it on Uniswap, from there users can deposit the 2GT or transfer to external wallets. 2gether is issuing 10 million 2GT tokens on Bounce, adding to the total of 27M 2GT tokens already sold on the platform over the last two years.

50% of 2GT/ETH earned from the Bounce 2GT token sales, will go towards a future liquidity pool on Uniswap. As soon as the 2GT token will be tradable on Uniswap, stakers to the pool will be rewarded with a 0.3 percent yield. 2gether serves 80K members today and is expanding beyond the 22 EU countries they operate in with the upcoming token sale and trade campaign.

“Over the last three years, 2gether has been working on increasing the utility of the 2GT token to further develop our Founder’s Plus Programme and beyond, while emphasizing compliance with the European Commission’s regulatory frameworks with the guidance of the crypto-specializing legal experts at Uría Menéndez’s Digital Law Group,” said Ramon Ferraz, CEO of 2gether. “The crypto boom of the last few months has empowered the company to succeed in its token issuance mission, and the 2021 roadmap brings new initiatives and projects that will add new layers to the 2GT’s utility.”