Crypto Firm HyperBlock Appoints Bryan Reyhani To Board of Directors

Job Appointments | April 28, 2020 By:

Crypto firm HyperBlock has appointed Bryan Reyhani to its Board of Directors, effective immediately.

HyperBlock is a crypto asset enterprise operating a North American cryptocurrency datacenter and providing complementary product offerings, which include cryptocurrency mining, Mining-as-a-Service (MAAS), server hosting, and server hardware sales, depending on market conditions. The company operates sustainably, purchasing electricity for its flagship US datacenter from a hydro-electricity generator — and employs advanced recycling technology to minimize environmental impact.

Reyhani has two decades of legal and business experience and has handled various investor, regulatory, financing, and corporate governance matters generally related to a publicly traded company. He is the founder of The Woodgates Group, a private consulting firm specializing in accelerated business and capital growth, strategy and alternative opportunities. Currently, Reyhani sits on the Boards of Torque Esports Corp. and Captor Capital Corp.

In 2012, Reyhani co-founded his own law practice, Reyhani Nemirovsky LLP, where he and the firm handled a wide variety of regulatory matters, litigations and corporate disputes, and developed a specialty practice related to digital assets. In 2014, he co-founded SolidX Partners, a venture capital-backed startup in the developing digital asset capital markets arena.