Crypto Investment Platform Atlas Hacked, 264,000 Users’ Data Leaked

Crime, News | August 28, 2018 By:

Brazilian crypto investment platform Atlas Quantum has reportedly been hacked and the personal information of over 264,000 of its customers has been leaked.

Atlas Quantum is an investment and trading platform that allows users to add bitcoin to their accounts and then to use it for buying and selling on various cryptocurrency trading venues. It currently employs over 100 people and manages over $30 million in assets.

In a Facebook post, Atlas said that they are now working with proper authorities to investigate the security breach, which was discovered on Saturday. It added that while hackers managed to leak user data, no funds were stolen. Stolen data included names, phone numbers, email addresses, and account balances.

“We would like to point out that this wasn’t a bitcoin theft or a violation of our accounts in the exchanges,” Atlas said. “However, our customer base was exposed. At the time of the incident, we took immediate steps to protect the database and [the] passwords and private keys are encrypted.”

According to a Youtube video posted by Investimentos Digitais (Digital Investments), Atlas has 14,500 registered accounts with a total of 5,813 bitcoin ($39M USD). Atlast is at the top of the list with 792 BTC. Other users on the list include Rocelo Lopes, CEO of crypto services platform Stratum coinBR, and Leandro Narloch, a Brazilian journalist and writer.

Atlas said that the platform would be adopting new security measures to protect its users against theft or fraud.

“We are monitoring the affected accounts and working to have additional protection against fraud,” Atlas said. “Some features of the platform have been temporarily disabled, as a precaution, since we need to ensure security. We will notify you when they are reactivated. We ask for understanding to our customers and community.”