Crypto Market Paxful Launches Wallet App With African Education Tour

Announcements, News | May 22, 2019 By:

Peer-to-peer crypto marketplace Paxful has announced a series of educational workshops throughout Africa in 2019 in conjunction with the official launch of their wallet app.

Paxful enables anyone in the world to buy, sell and accept bitcoin instantly. Paxful’s wallet essentially functions as a universal translator for money, as any form of money can become any other form of money. For example, gift cards can be converted to other gift cards, cash, or funds in any currency in any digital wallet anywhere.

Paxful said in a press release that through interactions with customers, it has gained valuable insights into how consumers are evolving their use of digital currencies, with bitcoin becoming more mainstream in everyday lifestyle and business transactions, rather than for investment or speculative trading. Based on these insights, Paxful determined that it should launch a wallet app to make buying, selling, and storing bitcoin easier.

“The Paxful wallet app will work seamlessly in connection with the Paxful website, providing secure storage to all customers. It is available for Android and iOS devices,” the company said.

Paxful is also launching a series of educational workshops across Africa in 2019 to increase access to the bitcoin economy for many more youths on the African continent. The workshops will cover the very basics about bitcoin for novices and also further expand on innovative use cases and business applications observed around the world for more experienced attendees. The initiative will kick off in South Africa and Kenya in May, with Nigeria and Ghana to follow later on in the year.

“As a values-driven company, we want to make the bitcoin economy accessible for everyone, especially the underbanked,” said Ray Youssef, CEO, and co-founder of Paxful. “To this end, we would like to reach as many young people as possible to help them understand the digital currency market and transact safely and with confidence. Our aim is to continue to partner with customers and other key stakeholders to ensure they are well informed about the opportunities presented by peer-to-peer finance.”