Crypto Trading Portal Liquid To Host Telegram’s Public Token Sale

ICO News, News | June 11, 2019 By:

Cryptocurrency trading portal Liquid has been selected to lead the upcoming public sale of Gram, the native token of Telegram Open Network (TON) Blockchain.

The TON Blockchain, which raised $1.7 billion from private investors last year, a decentralized network being developed by privacy focused messaging platform Telegram. Relying on its 10-year experience of building highly-encrypted distributed data storage systems in user-friendly interfaces, Telegram is uniquely positioned to realize a truly decentralized digital economy saturated with goods and services sold for Grams. Telegram will drive demand for the TON blockchain by leveraging its existing ecosystem of developers, publishers, payment providers, merchants and most importantly, its 260 million users.

Liquid, launched by Japanese FinTech firm Quoine, provides trading, exchange, and next generation financial services powered by blockchain technology. The platform had hosted its own Qash token sale successfully in 2017, selling out 350 million Qash tokens, equivalent to US$105 million, in three days.

Liquid has been chosen by Gram Asia, the largest holder of Grams tokens from Asia, to host the Gram public sale. The Gram token sale will take place on Liquid on the July 10, 8am UTC. Participants will be able to purchase Grams with the following currencies: USD and USDC. All Gram token sale participants on Liquid will need to have a verified and funded Liquid account in order to qualify for the offering. Minimum electronic verification requirements to participate in the Gram token sale include submitting a government ID and a selfie. All documents can be submitted online on Liquid, with the assistance of a 24/7 live chat team.

“We are excited to be partnering with Gram Asia to launch the Gram token sale, which is wonderful news to our community who are native users of Telegram,” said Mike Kayamori, co-founder and CEO of Liquid. “We share the vision for a more secure and open value transfer system in order to enable the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. The TON Blockchain infrastructure can help enhance Telegram’s current capabilities as a peer to peer network of value, with the launch of their cryptocurrency light wallets for Telegram’s highly engaged user base.”

Liquid will be integrating TON-compatible wallets into its platform, where Gram token sale participants will have their Grams delivered upon the launch of the public mainnet launch of the TON Blockchain, which is expected to take place by October 31. All proceeds from the Gram token sale will be kept in custody of Liquid and will be fully refunded in the event the TON mainnet is not launched.

Dongbeom Kim, founder and CEO of Gram Asia, said the Gram token sale is the first step towards The Open Network, a truly decentralized form of TON blockchain.

“Gram Asia, as the largest holder of Grams from Asia, is excited to bring the opportunity for retail investors to join the TON ecosystem,” Kim said. “As the first Japan FSA licensed global exchange, Liquid has demonstrated strong governance capabilities for protecting its users; therefore, I firmly believe Liquid is the right partner to launch this historic token sale. We are excited to invite all believers in Telegram’s vision, globally and in Asia, to build on top of TON, leveraging the critical mass of Telegram’s user base.”