Crypto Wallet MyEtherWallet Enables Uncensorable Content

Announcements, Blockchain, News | June 19, 2020 By:

MyEtherWallet (MEW), an open-source, client-side interface for generating crypto wallets, has announced a new feature allowing users to host their own websites on decentralized domains.

MEW claims to be the world’s original ethereum wallet interface, which is free, open source, and secure. MEW empowers its users to interact directly with the blockchain while remaining in full control of their keys and funds. MEW is committed to offering a suite of products that provide access and education to users who want to interact with the blockchain on their own terms.

The new feature, called Host Your Own Site, will enable users to post uncensorable content on decentralized domains such as .crypto and .eth through InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) support. Users own the domain as an asset on the Ethereum blockchain, and control the content that they choose to post following instructions posted on the MEW website coming soon.

“Today, any centralized hosting company can pull a website or remove a domain in response to a government or other entity request,” MEW said. “This puts free speech on the line, especially in countries with restrictions on content. With decentralized hosting over the Ethereum blockchain, MEW is able to help website creators protect their free speech and easily add content to their website through the use of IPFS.”

MEW Founder and CEO Kosala Hemachandra said that in today’s world, censorship resistance and the protection of free speech are paramount, but even tech-savvy users may struggle with how to share their content without having it altered or pulled down.

“MEW’s Host Your Own Site feature solves that problem by making the process of publishing content on a decentralized domain intuitive and easy for everyone,” said Hemachandra, “Wallets don’t have to be just for payments anymore.”