Crypto Wallet Provider Ledger Releases Ledger Live App For iOS And Android

Announcements, News | January 29, 2019 By:

Crypto wallet provider Ledger has announced that its highly anticipated Ledger Live mobile app is now available for download on iOS and Android devices.

Ledger Live is an all-in-one companion application for Ledger devices. The app, which is currently in consultation mode, allows Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue users to view their balances by scanning a LiveQR code presented on the Ledger Live desktop version. It also enables Ledger wallet users to check the value of their crypto assets anywhere they go.

“Thanks to the mobile app, you will be able to wirelessly transact everywhere with the Ledger Nano X,” the company said. “In the future, Ledger Nano S users (Android smartphones only) will be able to transact as well through the use of an OTG cable. We are working on having the same features for the Ledger Live mobile app as the desktop version.”

Ledger Nano X, which can currently be pre-ordered, will allow users to connect to Android and iOS smartphones using the wallet’s Bluetooth functionality. The Bluetooth connection will be established through pairing, which enables a secure connection.

“Currently the app is in a consultation mode, with a full version being in the works,” the company said. “This full version would, however, be only available to Android users, as the connection can only be established through the use of an OTG cable. Due to technical limitations, this is currently not possible for iOS users.”