Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating System Introduced By Cointelligence

News | February 11, 2019 By:

Crypto data research and analysis firm Cointelligence has introduced a new cryptocurrency exchange rating system.

Cointelligence is a company that conducts data research and analysis for the crypto economy and creates relevant tools for investors. It is a market maker focused on bringing blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the masses through the use of fundamental economics, real-time market data, and great industry coverage.

The new crypto exchange rating system, inspired by the success of Cointelligence’s rating system for initial coin offerings (ICO) and security token offerings (STO), will provide the crypto community with the information they need to find the most reliable crypto trading platform.

Impartial and accurate reviews will be provided by a team of anonymous crypto industry experts in order to prevent bribes or other forms of corruption and harassment that plague other rating sites. Crypto exchanges will be rated on the following quantifiable criteria: accessibility and usability, financial benefit, team, and risk. The company said that more metrics will be added in the future to provide an even clearer picture of each exchange’s value to the crypto community.

“We looked around the industry and we didn’t see anyone really doing this,” said Founder and CEO On Yavin. “Given the number of hacks and exit scams the exchange industry has seen, we felt this was an important tool to protect the community.”