Cubits announces partnership with Polskie Przelewy

Announcements | November 16, 2015 By:

Cubits announced a partnership with Polskie Przelewy, to allow Polish people ATM cash withdrawals from the Cubits Bitcoin Wallet.

Polskie Przelewy is a Polish company founded in 2012, which specializes in the implementation of latest IT solutions for financial operations. Their payment method called “Na Telefon” allows users to withdraw funds directly from over 5000 ATMs erected all across Poland — without the use of traditional credit and debit cards.

When opting for an ATM cash-out, customers will receive a security code on their mobile phone via SMS within ten minutes upon initiating the withdrawal. Comparable to a TAN, this security code can be entered at any compatible ATM, which will dispense the cash immediately.

“The speed and ease of use of this solution coupled with the ubiquity of ATMs could be very attractive for our customers. Cubits hopes to spread the service to more countries,” said Cubits head of Risk management Oskar Paolini.

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