Dark Web Drug Dealer Agrees to Guilty Plea, Admitted to Laundering Over $800k in Bitcoin from Drug Sales

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On Tuesday, June 18, 2024, Holly Adams agreed to plead guilty to federal drug trafficking and money laundering charges in a plea deal reached with prosecutors, according to court documents.

Adams, along with her alleged co-conspirator Dev Liu Hosner, were charged with conspiring to distribute and possess with intent to distribute at least 400 grams of fentanyl and 50 grams of methamphetamine. She also faced charges of conspiring to launder money derived from drug sales.

According to the plea agreement, Adams and Hosner operated dark web vendor accounts on multiple darknet marketplaces from December 2020 through March 2022 where they sold illegal narcotics via encrypted messaging. Pseudonyms like “igogiiiaawvu” were used on marketplaces such as TorRez and “its4real” on Dark0de to facilitate sales of drugs like fentanyl-laced oxycodone pills and methamphetamine. Buyers paid for the drugs using cryptocurrency like bitcoin.

In 2021, undercover law enforcement agents made four controlled purchases totaling around 63 grams of counterfeit oxycodone pills containing fentanyl from the “igogiiiaawvu” account that were mailed to addresses in Eastern California. A search of Adams and Hosner’s residence that year by state police uncovered tens of thousands more illicit pills and drug packaging materials.

After being briefly arrested and released, prosecutors say Adams and Hosner resumed operations under the “its4real” moniker on Dark0de in early 2022. Four additional undercover buys of fentanyl pills were made in this period. Authorities also conducted three controlled purchases of fentanyl pills and methamphetamine using the “griiaawwr760” profile on the encrypted messaging app Wickr.

Their activities came to an end on March 29th when a search warrant was executed on a Riverside hotel room rented by Adams and Hosner. Nearly 1000 grams of fentanyl pills and drug paraphernalia were seized at that time.

As part of the plea deal, Adams admitted coordinating with Hosner to launder proceeds from their drug sales through cryptocurrency mixing services and exchanges. This included using a Coinbase account in Hosner’s name to convert over $800,000 in bitcoin from 2021 dark web sales, including from drugs trafficked in Eastern California, into U.S. dollars in bank accounts.

Adams faces up to life in prison for the drug counts and 20 years for money laundering. In exchange for her guilty pleas, prosecutors agreed to recommend a prison term of no less than 144 months and will ask for lower offense levels at sentencing if she accepts responsibility.

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