DECENT partners with Naughty America to fight adult content piracy

Blockchain | October 14, 2016 By:

DECENT, a Geneva-based blockchain company, announced that it has partnered with Naughty America, a major US adult content producer.

The aim of this collaboration is to create a next-generation content distribution platform in the adult video industry, currently plagued by illegal content sharing and privacy concerns. The collaboration will set a new bar in the future of digital content distribution systems by including the use of blockchain technology for Intellectual Property (IP) and privacy protection to existing technologies.

The new DRM platform utilizes “digital video fingerprinting,” a process where software identifies unique components of video files, according to DECENT. The use of this technology, the company told press, “makes it possible to track and secure each piece of content on the network from the moment it is created and uploaded.”

“Fighting piracy and protecting privacy are key priorities for Naughty America. Decent offers us the ability to accomplish both at the same time due to the technology’s level of security, transparency, and inalterability of records,” said Naughty America CIO Ian Paul.

DECENT and Naughty America are determined to develop an efficient distribution system that will benefit the content producers as well as its end users while combating copyright violations.