Dental Health Company CruisAIDer Now Accepting Dentacoin for Powercart

Announcements, Blockchain, Now Accepting | October 17, 2017 By:

Dentacoin (DCN) is now accepted as a payment method on CruisAIDer, a European company specializing in digitalization of dental clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

CruisAIDer customers can now use Dentacoin as a means of payment for Powercart, a machine that does everything the dentist needs to facilitate digital workflow and chair-side treatment in a much faster and more efficient manner. Powercart is already being widely applied for intra-oral scanning and compatible with the world’s leading brands for intra-oral scanners.

“The dental industry is highly decentralized when it comes to parts and materials – we rely heavily on effective transfer of funds to increase productivity and live up to the fast-paced demands of our clients,” said Simon Sostmann, CEO of CruisAIDer. “Up until now, we were stuck having to change between currencies to source the materials we need to manufacture our CruisAIDer Powercart for Intra-Oral scanning. In my opinion, Dentacoin is not only the future of the entire dental industry; it is what lies ahead for all connected supplementary industries. I wish we had this tool handy when we started out. Making the international acquisition of parts more efficient means we can cut prices.”

Dentacoin is an industrial blockchain concept using the ERC20 token. The goal is to create a forum for patient feedback via a blockchain for trusted dental treatment reviews. Dentists will have access to up-to-date market research data and qualified patient feedback. The token itself is used for rewarding network participants for their contribution to the Foundation’s mission. It is utilized as united means of payment and ensures access to services provided within and across the network.

In an interview earlier this year, Philipp Grenzebach, co-founder and business developer at Dentacoin, said only the blockchain technology guarantees secure handling and storing of huge amounts of patients’ data. Furthermore, the blockchain concept allows information to be hold by patients themselves. They decide who they want to share their data with.

He added that another big benefit of the blockchain technology is that their payment systems can operate fully automated. No human forces nor banks are needed for transactions. That saves costs, prevents mistakes and manipulations. Especially with regards to the prevailing amount of small international payments.

Dentacoin is currently raising funds for the further development of the project through an initial coin offering (ICO) which will be open until November 1. Dentacoin token has already distributed over 303 billion coins and maintains a rank in the top 100 cryptocurrencies on Coinmarketcap.