Digitial Asset, Cambridge Publish Report that Analyzes CBDC Adoption

Blockchain, News | May 25, 2022 By:

Digital Asset, the leading global developer of blockchain and digital currency initiatives, and Cambridge University today published a joint-report analyzing the challenges and solutions for the growth and adoption of central bank digital currency (CBDC) for cross-border payments. This is especially relevant given the recent UST crash and the troubling implications that the crash has for future stablecoins.

The report – “CBDC: From the Philosophical to Practical for Global Adoption” – highlights how CBDC initiatives have shifted from philosophical ideas to practical use cases and focuses on the technical recommendations of a successful CBDC implementation. Four key pillars for CBDC to realize its fullest potential include: interoperability, privacy, extensibility, and finality of settlement.

In addition, top considerations for central banks are as follows:

  • Develop standards in the context of a global regulatory framework
  • Build CBDCs grounded in privacy
  • Leverage technology that fosters flexibility and interconnectivity
  • Ensure scalability and resilience

More information about the report and top considerations for central banks can be found HERE.