Dolphin Entertainment Launches NFT Collection Creature Chronicles: Exiled Aliens

Announcements, Blockchain, News | December 9, 2021 By:

Independent entertainment marketing and production company Dolphin Entertainment has announced the launch of its first generative NFT (non-fungible token) collection and the initial project from newly-hired visual artist Anthony Francisco.

Through its subsidiaries 42West, The Door, Shore Fire Media and B/HI (a division of 42West), Dolphin Entertainment provides expert strategic marketing and publicity services to many of the top brands, both individual and corporate, in the film, television, music, gaming and hospitality industries.The company’s NFT division is dedicated to designing, producing, distributing and promoting NFTs for itself and its clients within the film, television, music, gaming, epicurean, and technology industries.

Called Creature Chronicles: Exiled Aliens, the content studio’s first generative NFT will feature 10,000 custom-crafted avatars representing an ancient race of rare beings. Each Exiled Alien avatar will fall into a specific alien hierarchy, assigned traits, and randomly generated.

Creature Chronicles: Exiled Aliens, is set in 2051, when space exploration has governments and the elite racing toward the edges of our universe, recklessly seeking the secrets of the stars. A ship of space tourists has disappeared — ripped past an event horizon and slung through an eternal storm. The passengers awake aboard an unknown station, suddenly aware of what humanity has always suspected – we were never alone.

Creature Chronicles is a multi-season NFT event. After the release of Exiled Aliens, the community and fan experiences will continue to evolve and grow while the storyline develops and new NFT drops are released during upcoming seasons. Exiled Aliens community members will enjoy a host of benefits, including limited edition NFTs, master classes with Anthony Francisco and friends, creative competitions with incredible prizes, private events, and future surprises, all leveraging Dolphin’s world-class relationships across the creative community. Furthermore, holders of Exiled Aliens avatars will receive priority status for the purchase of future seasons of Creature Chronicles.

“Bam! We’re excited to launch our business of building NFT communities with Creature Chronicles: Exiled Aliens, a collection of absolutely breathtaking graphic art from Anthony Francisco,” said Bill O’Dowd, CEO of Dolphin Entertainment. “No one is a better visual designer in the fantasy genre than Anthony, on our planet or any other, and we’ve complemented his work with a rich, compelling and expansive storyline that draws upon Dolphin’s strong creative roots in Hollywood. We believe the Exiled Aliens collection is the perfect entry point into what promises to be a fun and rewarding Creature Chronicles community for both the NFT curious and experienced crypto enthusiasts alike.”

Prior to joining Dolphin Entertainment, Francisco served as a Senior Visual Development Artist at Marvel Studios, where he worked for nine years designing some of the world’s most beloved characters and elements for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Baby Groot to Loki to the Dora Milaje (female warriors of Black Panther). His work has been featured in Guardians of the Galaxy Volumes 1, 2 and 3, Captain Marvel, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, Antman, Antman and the Wasp, Black Panther and Doctor Strange.

Francisco’s designs, concepts and creations are featured in Eternals, currently in theaters, as well as in upcoming films — Black Panther 2, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Captain Marvel 2.