EOS Adds Jefferies Group CEO Michael Alexander To Executive Committee

Job Appointments | July 6, 2018 By:

Michael Alexander, the former CEO of Jefferies Group, has joined Block.One, the company behind the EOS blockchain. Alexander will become part of the EOS executive committee.

Alexander joins billionaire investor Mike Novogratz as a traditional financial industry member assisting the upstart blockchain project, which launched last month and has a war chest of $4 billion. Alexander will be stationed in Hong Kong.

Block.one, which initially said it would take a hands-off approach to the EOS blockchain’s development, has lately pushed a more hands-on agenda for its investment. Initial squabbles among block developers over voting procedures was an early crisis for EOS, which is seeking to supplant ethereum as the blockchain of choice for businesses, boasting a transaction speed that approaches that of traditional credit card companies.

The software has also drawn criticism for its flaws and lack of a wallet. EOS opened in the teens, but has since sunk to the upper $8 range. However, the EOS token price has recently rallied.