Esports Powerhouse Galaxy Racer Invests $25M in QUINT Token

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Esports powerhouse Galaxy Racer (GXR) has invested $25 million into Quint ecosystem’s flagship token.

Founded in 2019, Galaxy Racer is a transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content creators, music and sports. The organization has an existing global footprint of over 500+ million followers worldwide, and more than 100+ content creators generating over 2.5 billion monthly views. Having cemented its position as one of the biggest names in esports, gaming, lifestyle and music worldwide across the Middle East and North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe, Galaxy Racer recently expanded into North America with its new headquarters in Los Angeles.

Quint is an ecosystem that unlocks unique real-world rewards and incentives through physical asset creation and backing — along with class-leading crypto returns accelerated through auto-compounding. It claims to be the first of its kind ecosystem that bridges the metaverse with the real world, developing a real-world utility to accelerate adoption and investor uptake. Investors are rewarded with real-world benefits through innovative super-staking pools that offer in-life perks, luxury raffle awards including Bored Ape NFTs and limited-edition Hublot Big Bang timepieces, and fractional ownership of high-yield real-world assets — along with class-leading crypto returns accelerated through built-in auto-compounding.

The investment marks the first time an esports organisation has invested a significant sum into a cryptocurrency ecosystem, as opposed to using it to raise funds. The QUINT token will be incorporated into Galaxy Racers’ existing ecosystem by utilizing its technology to support future initiatives and infrastructure development. The partnership will also see Galaxy Racer amplify and support QUINT in furthering its cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“We are thrilled to announce our investment and partnership with The Quint Ecosystem’s revolutionary token, QUINT. For years we have been approached by many cryptocurrency companies, coins and projects all hoping to partner with us as we continue to grow and expand globally. However, it was our main priority to make sure we took our time to study the ecosystem to ensure we partnered with the best project for our community and investors. We wanted to invest and partner with a company that had an industry-leading team and technology behind them – which we strongly believe is The Quint Ecosystem, ” said Founder and CEO of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy. “The opportunity to offer our global fanbase to learn about the cryptocurrency ecosystem and interact with the technology in a way that has never been done before within the esports industry, is something we are very excited about. We look forward to sharing some exciting announcements soon!”

“Quint is thrilled to partner with Transmedia powerhouse and Middle Eastern esports pioneer Galaxy Racer,” said the Quint Ecosystem CEO & Managing Partner, Rahul Chaudhary. “Our entire roadmap is predicated on linking the virtual and real worlds while creating value for diverse communities, including the global esports audience. Since launch, the QUINT token has posted exceptional returns powered by real-world conviction from investors, global community interest and uptake, rigorous audits, full transparency, and a utility framework bolstered by exceptional partnerships, including the one with transmedia powerhouse GXR. We look forward to this partnership creating incredible value for both parties, and our global communities.”