European Grocer Carrefour Extends Blockchain Traceability System To Milk Product

Blockchain, News | March 6, 2019 By:

Carrefour, Europe’s largest public grocer by sales, has applied its blockchain food traceability system for a new milk product.

Carrefour’s blockchain food traceability system has been designed to guarantee complete product traceability. All parties involved in the supply chain (producers, processors, and distributors) would be able to provide traceability information about their particular role and for each batch (dates, places, farm buildings, distribution channels, potential treatments, etc.) The system is already being used to track Auvergne chicken, tomatoes, eggs and oranges, among others.

Carrefour said that starting this month, it is going to gradually start selling Carrefour Quality Line (CQL) fresh micro-filtered full-fat milk that takes advantage of the blockchain food traceability system. CQL will reportedly guarantee consumers complete product traceability across the entire supply chain — from farmers to the store shelves.

“Consumers will now be able to identify how the GPS coordinates of farmers whose animals’ milk was collected, get information about when the milk was collected and packaged, alongside discovering what stakeholders are involved in the product line,” Carrefour said.

In October 2018, Carrefour joined IBM’s blockchain food supply chain network – IBM Food Trust, which provides companies with instant access to data regarding the origin of food products. The network allows participants to select from three software-as-a-service modules with pricing that is scaled for small, medium and global enterprises, beginning at $100 per month. Suppliers can also contribute data to the network at no cost.