Factom raises 579 BTC in first day of software sale

Announcements | April 7, 2015 By:

On Tuesday, Mar. 31, Factom launched its crowdsale on decentralized application platform Koinify, offering 2,000 Factoid tokens (FACTs) for every 1 BTC pledged by prospective users.

“I believe this first day of software sales for Factom shows there is strong interest in technology that is focused on scaling the blockchain and providing its features of transparency and honesty to whole new categories of businesses,” said Factom Foundation board chairman David Johnston.

The 579 BTC, or roughly $140,000 in first-day sales surpasses the $111,000 decentralised messaging service GetGems raised during the first two weeks of its invite-only sale, the first to be held on Koinify’s platform last December.

Factom is a blockchain-based record-keeping network.