File sharing company Seafile now accepts bitcoin via BitPay

Now Accepting | July 14, 2016 By:

Seafile announced that it has dropped its primary payment processor, Paypal, and started using bitcoin via BitPay.

“In the aftermath of our slight misunderstanding with PayPal we got an overwhelmingly positive amount of feedback. Seafile users and even people who have never heard about Seafile before wrote emails and reached out to us on social media. We received congratulations, tips and ideas for alternative payment methods,’ said Seafile.

Seafile responded to the situation by temporarily providing their cloud services for free. Following the publication of their blog announcement, quite a few commenters suggested bitcoin as an alternative. The Germany-based firm didn’t take long to deliberate.

“But it wasn’t only users who contacted us about bitcoin. Fortunately, the team from BitPay contacted us as well. Talking with BitPay made us realize that Seafile and bitcoin are a natural fit. Payment with bitcoin gives our users an alternative way to pay that will protect their privacy,” said Seafile.

Seafile is a high-performance, fully-encrypted, open source file storage and syncing solution.